Committee 2018-19

Convenor: George Delgaty

Vice Convenor: Steve Blackett
Donal Burke, John Cormack, Kevin Fearn and Frank Muirden.


Shelter Box

Bob Abernethy and Steve Blackett gave a talk and demonstration about Shelterbox to the “School Advancement Committee” who were five primary seven children. They have been given the task of planning a school activity day to raise funds to buy a Shelterbox.

We were given a very warm welcome by the headteacher Jenny Campbell who is very enthusiastic to make Shelterbox an annual funding project for the school.

 An extra 400 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Pakistan to further assist the people who have fled the fighting between the army and militants in the north of the country. The latest consignment of boxes are in addition to the boxes sent to the region in May and June to help the estimated 2.4 million people displaced by the fighting. They will provide emergency shelter for up to 4,000 people.
An extra 400 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Pakistan to further assist the people who have fled the fighting between the army and militants in the north of the country. The latest consignment of boxes are in addition to the boxes sent to the region in May and June to help the estimated 2.4 million people displaced by the fighting. They will provide emergency shelter for up to 4,000 people.

The International Committee Convenor recharging his batteries in Tenerife before updating the committee's intentions for 2018/19

Jo Homan Charity


We have been sponsoring Infant Pamela through the Jo Homan Charity for several years. She had now completed her apprenticeship course ad moved on to begin a career in nursing.  She wrote to the Club to explain how she was progressing and to thank everyone for her support.

We also support a male student, M. Rajkumar (see article below), and have accepted the invitation of the Jo Homan Charity to sponsor another youngster, 11 year old M. Madumitha (photo) from the Inba Seva Sangam Girls Town. She is studying 7th standard at school and we expect to receive her full profile soon.

It has been most satisfying to be able to support another child out of poverty and into long term security and a decent living standard. If you would like to know more about this work please contact Rotarian Donal Burke and he would be only too happy to have a chat.






Update from George Delgaty – SEPTEMBER 2017

Joe Homan Charity.

Donal Burke has received an update of our involvement with the charity. Pamela has now finished her sponsorship with the club and has requested a phot of the Club Members who has assisted her through her education, She will now be able to support her own family in India as she embarks on her chosen profeesion of nursing. The Club now supports Muthupandi Rajkumar. £600 has been committed by the Club to this long standing and worthwhile charity. (see below for details)

Ethiopia Medical Project (in conjunction with Kinross Rotary Club) 

Bob Riddell, who has been liaising with Alistair Smith of Kinross Rotary and the leader Jo Middlemiss, has passed the project over to John Cormack. We have donated £500 for Medical equipment and Jo will give us more feedback on this project which has also attracted a 1010 District Grant.

Malawi Fruits for a Robust and Portable Solar Irrigation Pump.

This project is in conjunction with Kevin Simpson who the Club have met from the Tayside Cycle Challenge. The Committee felt this is a long term project that the Club finds itself at the beginning of the journey. Council has approved purchase of 1 pump which will initially be for promotion purposes to get more Rotary Clubs and Church organisations to also consider purchasing a pump to enable young farmers to be more self-sufficient in poorer areas of Malawi.                             

Rotary / Soroptimists Quiz for a Children’s Home in Pune, India.

We are now planning to have this event, hopefully 20 Quiz teams of 4 at the Royal George Hotel, on Wednesday 25th OCTOBER. This is with the support of Avril Duncan of the Soroptimists who is heavily involved with this project and has visited the home several times in India.   

Purple 4 Polio Campaign.

I have 5000 crocus bulbs which will be planted soon in the selected places. Asuitable sign is being developed to read 'The Fight Against Polio'

Shelter Box.

We have made contact with RDM School in Scone who hyave participated in the past and are keen to be involved again.


In the light of recent events caused by the reported hurricanes and floods, we havesent a £500 donation to Aquabox to help the clean water schemes already in place.                                                            




While on holiday in Maderia I came across Rotary involvement on the island and attach a couple of pics.

I would encourage all members to consider visiting an overseas Club when on holiday if time permits. Remember to quality for the "Gulliver's Boot" award you have to present one of our banners (located in the President's lecturn) to an overseas Club and to bring back a banner from them. The Rotararian who meets this criteria and who has travelled the furthest will win this prestigous award.


The Mission of the International Service Committee is to enable Rotarians to promote world understanding and peace through World Community Service and Rotary Friendship Programmes by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs across the world, through Informing, motivating and supporting Districts and Clubs in RIBI in their efforts to:

  • support humanitarian programmes of the Rotary International and in particular, support programmes associated with the Presidential areas of emphases, including Water, Sanitation, Health concerns, Poverty reduction strategies and Literacy promotion
  • promote projects between Clubs and Districts in RIBI with those in overseas countries, encouraging hands on efforts, international cooperation and fellowship
  • respond to disaster relief efforts and rebuilding processes following natural disasters.
  • build and sustain international friendship and service through the Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups.
  • promote International Service Projects, including those associated with the web based publication.” Opportunities to Serve”. The projects will be classified as Core projects, RIBI approved projects and Charity accredited projects
  • supporting and contributing to the International Development Programmes of the UN, in partnership with Governmental Agencies such as the Department for International Development (DfID), and other NGO’s in the programmes associated with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) of the UN.
  • liaising and collaborating with other programmes within the RIBI such as Membership Development, The Rotary Foundation, Youth Services, Community and Vocational Development and Communication, strategic goals, in relation to the programmes in Clubs and Districts in RIBI.
  • supporting RI president and RIBI president in their aims for International Service.

When Rotarians are confronted with problems too large to contemplate, they start small and keep going ……… build bridges that last” --- Wilfrid Wilkinson, President Rotary International 2007-08.

The Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club is committed to Rotary International's Campaign for the Global Eradication of Polio.


Rotary Club supports work of the Joe Homan Charity



Our Club assisted with education of Pamela and Muthapandi for a period of ten years (to 2016). They, and their families, have experienced a positive impact as a result of this support.







Sponsorship Change

Our sponsorship has now transferred to M. Rajkumar of Tirumangalam Boys Town, whom we hope to support throughout his education.The annual report of the Tirumangalam Boys Town can be found on the following link. Click here.







Shelter boxes are a valuable aid at those natural or man-made disasters where, although the infra-structure is sound, there is a need for the welfare items. In an emergency, both local and international 'Relief Agencies' react with initial aid and assis-tance to relieve the immediate suffering and hardships. How often after this first response have we heard the Aid Agencies asking for additional help in the form of tents and sleeping bags to accommodate and protect these displaced and vulnerable people? Often they need shelter and protection for many months after the disaster until the local infrastructure is re-established and able to cope. The Rotary answer is the Shelter Box which costs £490 and provides shelter and warmth for up to 10 people for a prolonged period. It contains a high quality 10-person tent, manufactured from modern lightweight but resilient and robust materials plus 10 high quality durable sleeping bags and ancillary equipment such as a multi fuel cooker, spade and rope.

The Shelter Box Trust will purchase boxes and equipment as required. Complete boxes will be assembled, numbered and held in store to be distributed as and when called for by recognised and established international aid agencies. Organisations and individuals who make donations will be advised of the identification number of 'their box', its status and final destination. All equipment will be new and unused and has been selected for its usefulness and quality and will have a long and useful life once distributed by international aid agencies. These robust standardised multi-functional Shelter Boxes are secure, easily stored and transported and once on site can be used in many other varied and useful ways.......water, storage, baby's cot, table, etc.

The Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull has purchased a number of Shelterboxes in recent years and has also worked in partnership with local schools. This association with schoolchildren has the benefit of encouraging social responsibility and improving global awareness in a way which links to the school curriculum. Thanks to the efforts of the pupils, additional Shelterboxes have been deployed to different disaster sites throughout the world.

This youtube clip gives a concise overview of the Shelterbox Concept.  


In line with the priority given to education in developing countries, Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club supports Mary’s Meals, a Scottish-based charity which has a simple goal – that every child receives a nutritious daily meal in a place of education. The contributions made by our Rotary Club have benefitted from the UK Government’s UK Aid Match scheme which is focused on poverty reduction in developing countries. By using the UK Aid Match scheme our contributions have been effectively doubled.

These life-changing meals attract hungry children into the classroom. The food fills their empty bellies so they have the energy and opportunity to learn, giving them the chance of a brighter future. The meals also support families struggling to feed their children while boosting the country’s wider economy.

The school feeding programmes are owned and run by community volunteers in the countries where we provide food. For example, there are over 65,000 volunteers in Malawi who take turns to prepare, cook and serve the daily meal in each school.

Staff from Mary’s Meal regularly visit schools to ensure the precious ingredients provided are cooked and served correctly, and to offer training and encouragement to the community volunteers. Wherever possible, locally-produced food is served. This supports the local community and its farmers as well as the wider economy.

Research has proven that school feeding has a range of positive impacts since children who are not suffering from hunger are able to make the most of their education.



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