21 September 2018
An Exceptional Young Lady

Rhiannon Nash was our guest on Tuesday evening. Rhiannon has been supported by the Club on her RYLA adventure this year. I suppose it would be fair to say that this young woman standing in front of the particular audience served up on that Tuesday showed exactly why RYLA is such a serious part of our work. Her confidence shown through her delivery was exceptional for one so young.

Rhiannon explained how her week at Abernethy with the RYLA organisers unfolded day by day. Split into seven groups, all the RYLA candidates approached a variety of events in outdoor leadership. Each day began at 7.15 am and lasted for an exhausting time up to 10 pm stretching everyone’s mental and physical ability.

She said how much fun everything was right up to the last day of hillwalking when everyone was so tired. Her particular pleasure was to be able to show her group how to navigate effectively. In the Abernethy Challenge she was commended on her personal endeavour.

Chris Kirk, the Club’s Youth convenor, asked her how much she felt she had benefited from the course to which she replied that it was the best opportunity she had come across to get the best out of everyone. She added that she felt she now understood the effect and purpose of good teamwork on activities and this would stay with her as she undertook other things.

Rhiannon returns to her place at Perth High School where she said she has very little spare time. Not surprising as she is a young leader in scouting, plays hockey for Perthshire and undertakes voluntary work with the elderly. Most evenings she can be found as a “Front of House” assistant at either Perth Concert Hall or Perth Theatre.

I feel that it is fair to say that the Club Members have been introduced to an exceptional young lady.

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