29 October 2018
The Wellness Effect

Josh Goodey, a member of the Chiropractic Life team in Perth, explained how his personal ambition to create a chiropractic health and wellness program had, at last, been realised. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in sports and exercise science during which time he became interested in the philosophy of chiropractic medicine.

Josh recalled how he met patients who were achieving great progress with their chiropractic care but would have benefited from a more extensive care plan. This led him to the idea of wellness whereby a patient could improve their health by combining lifestyle changes with their care plan.

He interpreted health as physical, chemical and emotional wellbeing which left untended causes imbalances, develops dysfunctions and leads to well known symptoms of poor health; something which touches everyone today who feels a lack of energy, stiffness and suffers minor ailments.

It would be impossible to cover the wealth of detail Josh gave the Members about investigating how well someone actually felt and what steps were necessary to correct those imbalances. Suffice it to say, the Members are now fully conversant in the principles of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

Josh dealt with a barrage of questions with the authority that had marked his talk was thanked by his host for the evening, Brad Harris, who had some personal experience of the scheme.

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