Committee 2020-21

Convenor: Mike Wilkinson

Committee: Steve Blackett, John Cormack, Kevin Fearn,

George Delgaty, and Frank Muirden.



* FOUNDATION-   George Delgaty & Club Treasurer, Bill Smith will look after aspects of the Rotary Foundation. At present once all Subscriptions have been paid, the Treasurer will  send to R.I.B.I.

Perth Kinnoull’s Contribution to Foundation also has Gift Aid.

* AQUABOX-  John Cormack has agreed to take this under his wing. It will probably only come up for the Committee’s decision once we know what disasters in the world affect people getting clean water. Website is www.aquabox.org

* END POLIO NOW- George has now further enhanced the Glasgow Road site at the Bellway Homes entrance. We will also consider what other ways we can continue the fight to eradicate Polio worldwide.

* JOE HOMAN CHARITY- Frank Muirden will look after this project. George has e-mailed Kermal Shaheen at Joe Homan Charity in the U.K. for updates on our 2 Children in India. Rajkumar & Madhumita that we currently sponsor through their education.

* LEND WITH CARE-  George & Bradley will look after this very successful charity that the Club has made a sizeable donation to. The Club gave the Committee in November 2018, £500 to Invest  in Entrepreneurs in the LendwithCare scheme. To date we have made 30 Loans of £15 to the Individuals or Groups plus an Admin Fee of £1.50 each. This has assisted 187 Entrepreneurs, helped 533 Family Members and created 66 jobs.


*MALAWI FRUITS- Steve B will take this project forward as he is in regular contact with Kevin Simpson of Malawi Fruits. The Committee gave consideration via Steve to supporting a Club donation of £400 to help a purchase of an £800 polytunnel. This would help the farmers who have the Solar Energy Pumps to irrigate tomato plants in the tunnels which their wives would look after and give the families other income. Kevin is going out to Malawi soon and he is currently in the final stages of a match funding grant application. The Committee agreed to wait until we hear back from Kevin probably in late August.

* MARY’S MEALS- Kevin Fearn has been allocated this Project. We receive regular Newsletters from this International Charity, which sometimes attracts matched funding from the UK Government.

Website- marysmeal.org.uk  HQ is located in Argyll, Scotland.

*SHELTER BOX- Steve B and any Other Committee Members to assist  with furthering the good work done at St. Madoes School, we would like to progress in to other primary Schools e.g. RDM in Scone and Kinnoull. John was going to contact his daughter who is a teacher at Kinnoull.

* DEVELOP OUR CONNECTION WITH THE PERTH POLISH COMMUNITY- Mike is ideally placed to further our relations via Marcin, to see if eventually we can have a Polish person or who someone who is connected with the Polish Education Centre to come along and see what our Club is all about after we donated £200 to their Childrens Day at the Station Hotel on 16th June this year.


George Delgaty


We visited St Madoes Primary School and Head Teacher Jenny Campbell to collect a cheque for £327 towards the cost of a Shelterbox. The children, under the guidance of their own School Improvement Committee, have raised the funds during the last few months. The photo includes Caragh McRobbie (left) and Ruby Paterson with the Rotarians Bob Abernethy and Steve Blackett.

Education Centre- Centrum Edukacyjne Bajka CIC.


I attended the above the Children’s Day at the Station Hotel on 15th June. There were between 250-300, children and their parents in attendance. As this Children’s After School Club has supported our Rotary Charity Calendar in the past. The Club gave a Donation of £200 to assist with costs in running the Event. All the Children that attend the school were given a book written in Polish as awards were made prior to the commencement of games outside, Bouncy Castle, Painting faces, Polish food, Sports etc. 

Mike and I would like the Club to integrate more with the Polish Community in Perth and Perthshire, we thought this was an ideal event to make the Polish Community in Perth, which is approximately 2,000, aware of our Rotary Club and what we do for Communities. I took along “We’re for Communities” and “Service above Self” Pop up Banners as well as some Rotary Information and also some Rotary stickers that were popular withe children.

I was impressed at the organisation of the event which was under the direction of Marcin Rudzki who is a Director of the Education Centre. A lady from the Polish Council was in attendance as well as the local Councillor. After speaking to Marcin he is keen that the Polish Community get more involved with Organisations that are involved in the overall Perth Community.

Although the weather was sun and showers, mostly the latter the children were well behaved, good manners when you spoke to them and also the parents were interested in what Rotary does in our Community.


George Delgaty

International Convenor.


The Club agreed to support this International Committee to the extent of £500. Each member of the International Committee was asked to pick five worthy entrepreneurs who still required some funding to get the Loan they required for their business. Nearly all our Llans are now fully funded.

From our list of 30 Entrepreneurs we have helped 12 Groups and 18 Individuals from countries as diverse as Ecuador, Cambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia.

The Businesses vary from farming, poultry raising, retail general house items, clothing, food production, restaurant/cafe.  We have helped 187 entrepreneurs, 533 family members and created 66 jobs. We commenced this project in November 2018 added 10 more loans in January 2019 and have received 18 repayments of £12.35 and £9.24 in total to our account. We must remember we are not the only ones to get repaid as there are many others with LendwithCare and also have to be repaid by the Entrepreneurs.

Every single loan we make will help give a poor family the means to make a living and improve their long-term future. We might give a man in West Africa a loan to buy chairs and tables for his cafe so he can earn enough to feed and educate his family or provide a mother in Cambodia with a sewing machine so she can earn enough to support her children.

The person or persons (i.e. Groups) will not only be able to make a living for themselves, they’ll also make enough money to pay back the loan over an agreed period of time—which means one loan can

To summarise we have lent £450 and donated £45 (i.e. 30 x £1.50 Administration fees). We await further repayments until our available credit rises from the present position of £26.59 to say, between £100 and £150, before we look to help again. For more information visit lendwithcare.org


Shelter Box

Bob Abernethy and Steve Blackett gave a talk and demonstration about Shelterbox to the “School Advancement Committee” who were five primary seven children. They have been given the task of planning a school activity day to raise funds to buy a Shelterbox.

We were given a very warm welcome by the headteacher Jenny Campbell who is very enthusiastic to make Shelterbox an annual funding project for the school.

 An extra 400 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Pakistan to further assist the people who have fled the fighting between the army and militants in the north of the country. The latest consignment of boxes are in addition to the boxes sent to the region in May and June to help the estimated 2.4 million people displaced by the fighting. They will provide emergency shelter for up to 4,000 people.
An extra 400 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Pakistan to further assist the people who have fled the fighting between the army and militants in the north of the country. The latest consignment of boxes are in addition to the boxes sent to the region in May and June to help the estimated 2.4 million people displaced by the fighting. They will provide emergency shelter for up to 4,000 people.

The International Committee Convenor recharging his batteries in Tenerife before updating the committee's intentions for 2018/19


While on holiday in Maderia I came across Rotary involvement on the island and attach a couple of pics.

I would encourage all members to consider visiting an overseas Club when on holiday if time permits. Remember to quality for the "Gulliver's Boot" award you have to present one of our banners (located in the President's lecturn) to an overseas Club and to bring back a banner from them. The Rotararian who meets this criteria and who has travelled the furthest will win this prestigous award.


The Mission of the International Service Committee is to enable Rotarians to promote world understanding and peace through World Community Service and Rotary Friendship Programmes by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs across the world, through Informing, motivating and supporting Districts and Clubs in RIBI in their efforts to:

  • support humanitarian programmes of the Rotary International and in particular, support programmes associated with the Presidential areas of emphases, including Water, Sanitation, Health concerns, Poverty reduction strategies and Literacy promotion
  • promote projects between Clubs and Districts in RIBI with those in overseas countries, encouraging hands on efforts, international cooperation and fellowship
  • respond to disaster relief efforts and rebuilding processes following natural disasters.
  • build and sustain international friendship and service through the Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups.
  • promote International Service Projects, including those associated with the web based publication.” Opportunities to Serve”. The projects will be classified as Core projects, RIBI approved projects and Charity accredited projects
  • supporting and contributing to the International Development Programmes of the UN, in partnership with Governmental Agencies such as the Department for International Development (DfID), and other NGO’s in the programmes associated with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) of the UN.
  • liaising and collaborating with other programmes within the RIBI such as Membership Development, The Rotary Foundation, Youth Services, Community and Vocational Development and Communication, strategic goals, in relation to the programmes in Clubs and Districts in RIBI.
  • supporting RI president and RIBI president in their aims for International Service.

When Rotarians are confronted with problems too large to contemplate, they start small and keep going ……… build bridges that last” --- Wilfrid Wilkinson, President Rotary International 2007-08.

The Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club is committed to Rotary International's Campaign for the Global Eradication of Polio.





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