27th July 2009 News from the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull  

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President's Patter


I was chatting yesterday to the wife of a member of one of the other Perth Clubs about what was going on in our lives just now and she said "of course Rotary never stops". I agreed and added, "just like the wheel which is of course our emblem" If you think about it unless there is another structure holding it up, the only way a wheel stays up is if it is moving. Well there is not much danger of our Rotary wheel falling over with the number of activities there are going on. 


Already we have had three very interesting and varied speakers, and a very successful outing to Blair Drummond with the children from Chernobyl.  Sports and social activities are covered by a visit to the races on 28th and a cricket match on 29th.  Next month we have the musical evening at Craigclowan, many thanks to Andrew, Eddie, Gillian and Douglas S for their work in making that happen. Iain has organised an environmentally friendly treasure hunt - real, not carbon foot prints- and raising funds for our "End Polio Now" contribution along the way and Bob  is progressing with the Young Artist Competition. The website is developing well too, thank you Greg, with changes every day, do visit it regularly or you may miss something!! 


A big thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm.





Hello. I hope that you like the new-look website and have enjoyed the current news sections and articles. I am indebted to all the good work done by Gordon and feel sad that I have had to take over at such a time. I wish him, as I know you all do, the very best. Gordon would like to express his best wishes to all at the Club. 

"I would like formally to thank all PK Rotarians for their messages of support during my recent period of hospitalisation and continuing ill-health. It's good to know that I have so many friends "out there".

It's been a traumatic few months. Not knowing what the outcome will be. One thought does spring to mind. When fit and healthy, getting old seems to be a chore. However when the future is uncertain, getting older takes on a new dimension and it becomes a not unattractive option!

Anyway thanks again to you all. "

It is my intention to keep everything up-to-date and give a broad summary of news and links to our club. I have been indebted to Bob for setting up the new site and I am relieved that he will continue to be in control in his capacity as Club Secretary; that way you know where to go for logins and passwords. I am also grateful to Julia, Brian, Ian B, Gillian and George for their contributions.

I must admit it has been a hectic month as I have been involved in the Gathering at Edinburgh with a large group from America. We had a glorious Saturday and Sunday at the event which made everything run more smoothly for everyone, though standing from 7 am until the end around 11 pm having walked the Royal Mile to the Castle was an interesting lesson in the use of stamina. No such burden with the web site and I have really enjoyed every moment. What I do need now is your support. I need your news and views, ideas and proposals and especially photographs. In fact, this is your magazine and would be worthless without everyone’s input. 


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The SVP and JVP at play
The SVP and JVP at play
George, Colin and Frank make an old acquaintance at the Scottish Open
Ainsley, eat your heart out
Ainsley, eat your heart out
The chefs, Bob Abernethy and Ian Stevenson, at the Blair Drummond Safari Park on the Chernobyl Kids day-out. Anyone for zebra?
Perth-Kinnoull are continuing his sponsorship
Specs Appeal
Specs Appeal
Nick, Helen and Greg squint into the camera as the appeal comes to a close.


Council Meeting held on 7th July 2009 (from Bob)

PRESENT: Bob Abernethy, Bob Brown, George Delgaty, Tom Laurie, Colin Moreland, Bob Reid, Julia Robertson, Greg Ross, John Shedden, Janet Simpson (Chair), Douglas Sinclair, Eva Smart, John Steven, Ian Stevenson, Andrew Still. Apologies: Eddie Anderson

President: Janet welcomed all those present and explained she had invited all Club Officers to attend to get the widest range of ideas and promote discussion. Janet expressed the hope that this would be a year of full involvement from everyone. 


Secretary: Bob reported receiving a number of items which he would pass on to Convenors for action or consideration. He reported that information from District regarding Standing Orders, Insurance, Protection, and RIBI & Club Constitutions would be brought to the next meeting as some of the information received was incomplete.


Treasurer: Tom reported a healthy bank balance despite a few outstanding items.


SVP: George reported a drop in membership due to bereavement. There are presently two prospective members plus a possible transfer from another Club.


JVP: Colin reported that work on filling the programme was progressing well. Rota lists are on the website and speakers details will follow shortly.


Public Relations: Eva asked for regular reports upcoming events. She is also hoping for regular news items or photograph opportunities – with sufficient notice given please.


“Chatters” and Website: Greg reported he had met with Janet and agreed that Chatters would be published in the 3rd week of each month to include reports from Council and the Business Meeting. Convenors reports are essential to keep members to date. The website will be updated after Council & Business meetings. Greg also asked for Speaker’s Hosts to provide him with a report on their Speaker after a meeting, for inclusion in Chatters.


Attendance, House & Sales: John reported an average attendance of 65% over past 3 months. He reported that Frank was now back following LOA and that Irene had been back tonight and hoped to attend whenever business permitted. John added that he was arranging stock of new ties, etc. and mentioned that an illustrated list of items would be useful. 


Sport: Ian reported a 7-a-side cricket match coming up soon and intimated that the Golf Championship Outing on 13th September had been advertised. He asked Council members for their thoughts on reintroducing a 2-ball-foursome a over 9 holes for fun & supper. This had been well supported in the past before falling into disuse.  The meeting thought we should try this again. Discussions also took place around the possibility of a Sunday hill walk. Ian was asked to investigate this further; perhaps 5-6 miles reasonably flat. John Shedden suggested an in-club walking group - a Geriatric Ramble! Six curling evenings have been programmed between October and March for learners/beginners and spouses. West End Bowling Club may accommodate us for a social-type evening.  Should we move Gavel to West End? Ian said he was open to any other suggestions. 


Fellowship: John reported 23 members were down to attend Perth Races but wondered if this event on a Tuesday evening fragments the club meeting? Council members didn’t see this as a problem. John is to consult members for ideas around categories for social functions. A St Andrew’s Night event is a possibility, a Walking Treasure hunt arranged by I Brown & J Cormack is on the cards and visits to other Clubs is being considered.


Membership: Douglas reported attending the Round Table 60th Anniversary Dinner where he spoke to some members. All their members are relatively young and none have left recently.
Discussions took place around Members introducing prospective members, a New Members night, and the possibility of displaying a poster in PSPC along the lines of New To Perth? – come along…” 
Bob Reid reported that the Golf Letters was now out. The possibility of putting the invitation letter & form on website was discussed but no decision taken. Sourcing Speakers for the Dinner is ongoing.


Community Service: Julia said she was looking to support for smaller, local charities this year.

International & Foundation: Iain noted the following aims

  • To expand membership globally in both numbers and quality
  • To advance the recognition and public image of Rotary
  • The eradication of Polio
  • Clean water
  • Health and hunger
  • Literacy

Ways & Means: Andrew reported the offer of a fund-raising concert by the Cardiff Arms Park Male Voice Choir on Friday 14th August at 7.30pm in CraigclowanSchool. We have the choice of a 100+ capacity room or the gym which would seat about 250. The meeting discussed Michael Ellicott or Alastair Beatson in supporting roles. Tickets at £10 inclusive of a glass of wine.  Ticket and posters/handbills – charity benefitting? Andrew will confirm details next week.

Youth & Vocational: Bob Abernethy suggested Gillian Wilby be asked to take the Vice Convenor post. 


There was no other competent business so the meeting concluded at 9.20pm.

Business Meeting held on 7th July 2009

A well-attended meeting settled down to present and discuss matters. President Janet outlined the details of her plans and handed over Tom who gave a short and sweet account of the financial situation before passing the mike to George.

Some time later, during which Alastair had to leave early, George passed the mike to Ian for a sports appraisal. Ian went over the preparation for the cricket, in which he noted MCC rules would apply, and gave the current situation concerning the Golf Ladder. A golf twosome at Fulford was being planned for a Friday night at the end of August and the proposed walks might be planned later over two or three weekends. Ian ended by announcing that he had already booked 6 rinks for the new curlers.

Colin gave a thorough account of the program which is planned into 2010 and John declared the Rotary Shop would be open for the collection of ties and badges. A good number of Rotarians had signed up for the Race Night planned for the end of July. Everyone was to secure their own entry and meet up at the main stand about 6.30. Iain Smith and Ian Brown volunteered to carry out door duty that evening for the small number of Rotarians not attending the Race Night. This concluded the Council business.

The Convenors then gave their presentations.

Community Service: Janet presented the committee's account on behalf of Julia. The Chernobyl Kids visit to Blair Drummond had been a great success. The committee was to be involved in projects with the Macmillan Trust and Home Start Perth. It was suggested that the committee could convene after the next Rotary Meeting. [Ed. Races?)

International & Foundation: Iain is not one to let the grass grow under his feet; he had already been on international duty in England. The main project at the moment was to organise the Shelter Boxes for Sri Lanka and Pakistan. A Perth Trail Walk was organised for Tuesday 18th August in place of a speaker. This would cost £5 a head [Ed; should this be £2.50 per foot] which would go towards the £500 donation to be given to the Foundation for Eradication of Polio

Ways & Means: Andrew noted that the Cardiff Arms Park Choir evening at Craigclowan School was well in hand and that tickets would be £10 including a glass of wine.

Youth & Vocational: Bob announced that District wanted as much press coverage as possible for RYLA as it was the 25th anniversary. Brian had already visited one RYLA camp, in his capacity as Chairman of the District Youth Committee, and said that all was going well. Bob's committee would be following the proven itinerary of last year and hoped to continue the Young Artist's Competition as this was John Dickson's pet and would be held in his honour. They also wished to continue the Club's support of sport and proposed more aid for those in difficult circumstances. It was noted from the floor that the Club has a long association with Sport Aid. There were also suggestions that our Club could take a greater part in the District joint ventures like the Young Chef and Young Musician competitions.

The meeting ended with Harry's announcement that he was now a grandfather and he recieved the warm affection of the club in the traditional manner. So pleased was he, that no-one received any fines from the glowing Sergeant-at-Arms.


A message from the District Secretary, Graham Holmes. Much of the procedure we use for conducting District meetings, electing officers etc is contained in our District Standing Orders, and these have to be brought up to date every so often. Any change to the Standing Orders has to be approved by the District in Council, and three months’ notice of any proposed change is required. I am therefore sending you herewith a draft of revised Standing Orders, together with a note of the rationale behind the changes, so that you have the statutory period of notice to allow a vote on adoption of these Standing Orders at the next District Council at Aviemore on Friday 18 September.



Gavin J. Davey, OBE, General Manager at Gannochy Trust

Gavin began his talk by explaining how his work and experience had brought him to the Gannochy Trust at just the right time. The Trust was an organisation that needed to secure its place in the current, hard economic times in preparation for the 21st Century. He added modestly that he initially found the task of guiding one of the largest trusts in Scotland quite daunting.


The Gannochy Trust is a grant-making trust founded in 1937, just five years before the death of the benefactor Arthur Kinmond Bell, and provides donations to organisations in Scotland. The prime objectives of the trust are to provide for the needs of youth and recreation. Such an aspiration can be seen in the Trust's projects; viz, the Gannochy Trust Auditorium at Horsecross, the Perth Youth Orchestra; from pipe bands and building works in Fife and Tayside to Children In Need and education in schools, universities and societies for sport, science, music and arts.


Gavin received rapturous applause from his audience who were left in no doubt that the Trust was in secure hands for the future.


Reverend Alexander C. Wark, Minister of Abernethy Church. (from Gillian)  

Alec's talk was entitled "Porridge" and he opened by explaining about his new experience as Chaplain of HMP Cornton Vale in Stirling. Alex had begun service in the Scots Kirk, Rotterdam, in 1992 before moving to Scotland at the Methil Parish Church in February 1994. His four year ministry ended with another move, this time west, to Renfrew Old Church in the heart of Glasgow in September 1998. The experience left him in no doubt as to his future calling but for the present he was called as the sole nominee to the vacancy at Abernethy Church. He first preached there on November 5th 2007 before the large congregation who, after the service, voted by 89 votes to 4 to call the Reverend Wark to the charge. 

He found that he had now the opportunity to take his future calling more seriously and was taken on as Chaplain of HMP Cornton Vale. His fascinating talk took us all on a journey which illuminated the division between the public need for punishment and the personal necessity for rehabilitation. His heart was clearly affected by the plight of the very young prisoners and their desires to conform in difficult circumstances. Alec's talk was enjoyed by all the Club's members and he gave us a real insight into his new role and the challenges he faced at the prison. His talk was extremely informative and Alec brought a lot of his "West of Scotland" humour into his delivery.



Bob Abernethy (from George)


Bob gave us a fascinating Job Talk entitled 'from Orkney to the South Atlantic' regarding his experiences whilst working on 2 Islands. These were firstly at Kirkwall, the main town of the Orkney Islands and secondly at Stanley the main town on the Falkland Islands.


When he was in Orkney, Bob worked for BP and had a lovely office view overlooking the Harbour at Kirkwall as we all saw from the pictures of his Power Point presentation and so onto the Falklands. The pictures certainly illustrated the rather rough looking terrain that was evident in the Falklands where Bob and his colleagues had to watch their step as there was still plenty of minefields about and also much evidence of old Army, Navy and Air Force equipment that had been destroyed during the Falklands War. The pictures of the war graves for the British and Argentine Troops highlighted the futility of war and the sacrifice that our troops continue to show to-day in the far off fields of Kanadhar Province in Afghanistan.


On his original flight down to the Falklands in the Tristar was an Escort from Phantom Jets, originally from RAF Leuchars. I asked if he had been served tea and biscuits on the flight and if so, were the biscuits Abernethys. [Ed; I seem to remember you got fined for that one]. His mainstay when in the Falklands was to "support the bar at Stanley" where he made friends with a Mike Massey look-alike named Des King.  I also enjoyed all the various acronyms; one I recall was MINOAJO ( Men in need of a Jolly Outing), which I think nicely sums up Bob's highly entertaining Job Talk.


Despite Bob's best efforts to show us the highlights of the Falkland Islands which has a population of 2,000 (not counting the Sheep), I don't think it will be on many of my fellow Rotarian's holiday destination wish lists. Although I learnt that it does form part of some Cruise Liners stops in that part of the World.



The Chenobyl Kids at Blair Drummond Safari Park (from Julia)








A party of 14 children were taken along with their interpreter and helpers to Drummond Safari Park. Along with fellow Rotarians, Ian Stevenson and Bob Abernethy and my partner Bob Douglas, we helped the children to go sightseeing, whilst Ian prepared the barbeque of Burgers, chicken, sausages and the usual rolls, onions and fizzy drinks; fresh strawberries for afters. The children were excited at seeing the animals and, once back at the barbeque, soon learned to ask for burgers please!  After the barbeque, we gave the children tokens to use on the fairground rides. These children do not usually handle coins as their currency is only denominations of notes.  However, they soon got used to spending the shiny gold tokens for fair ground rides. The day ended with another trip round the park to see the animals before heading back to Perth.

May I again thank Ian Stevenson and Bob Abernethy for their invaluable support and Ian's wonderful skills on the barbeque.



Barclays Scottish Open Golf

George, Colin and Frank attended the Barclays Scottish Open Golf at Loch Lomond where they met up with Willie Monks and his wife Catherine. While enjoying a small refreshment at the Tented Village, they met the lady from SOS who was the organiser when the 3 Perth Rotary Clubs raised funds for the Tsunami Appeal a couple of years back.




John Mollison

John Mollison is raising money for the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association (BLESMA) through his sea adventure; attempting a 3500-mile solo Atlantic row from the USA to the UK under the 'Shepherd Purple Heart Ocean Row' banner. He has been rowing for two weeks already and is carrying best wishes from the three Perth Rotary Clubs in the form of the Rotary Wheel. John and his support team are raising awareness of the campaign to introduce an American-style Purple Heart decoration for servicemen and women killed or injured in the line of duty.  

John, who lost a leg when a mine exploded two days after the end of hostilities in the Falklands, is determined to become the first amputee to row the Atlantic west to east. He is keeping in regular contact with wife Lesley. She said: "I had a nice chat with John this morning our time. Daybreak for him. He is in good spirits but the current is strong and he's having to graft very hard to make progress. There's ongoing maintenance to be done on the boat when he isn't rowing. The rust seems to attack the metalwork pretty quickly and he has to keep on top of it."


Lesley added "He woke up yesterday to see a big tanker which was too close for comfort. He was glad he had the technology set-up to let them know of his presence. He's really been boosted by the messages of support coming through on the website so thanks to everyone who has been posting. The more the merrier!"



SportsAid, previously known as SportsAid Foundation (SAF), was founded in 1976. Its principle function was to raise funds from the private sector to provide financial assistance to Britain’s amateur sportsmen and women. The aim was to help them prepare for competitions against better-funded, overseas athletes.


Founded in 1980, Scottish SportsAid has supported many of the nation’s most successful athletes of all time.  Recent triple Olympic Gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy MBE is just one of these athletes who benefited from the support of SportsAid when he was starting out as a talented cyclist. Each year over 100 athletes benefit from the Scottish SportsAid fundraising activities and they are working hard to grow the size and number of awards given out.

Since 1997, SportsAid has focused on giving awards to youngsters aged 12 to 18, from 50 able-bodied and 25 disability sports. These athletes compete in national squads and these awards help with costs such as travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment. 

From 1983 until 1997, SAF was a major source of funding for most of Britatin’s leading athletes, both able-bodied and disabled. 1997 brought the Lottery funding and a change to SportsAid’s role. As SportsAid was no longer the sole provider it could not continue in the same area, but there were still funding gaps which the Lottery funds could not fill.

We in Kinnoull Rotary have supported SportsAid for a number of years and have donated £250 each year to talented local athletes.  Our cheque is sent to SportsAid Scotland who, in return, make out a cheque for £250 payable to the recipient which is to protect their amateur status. 


Some of those we have supported include Morag MacLarty, who represented Scotland in the 400m in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006; Marissa Henderson, the British No. 1 Ice Skater at under 15 and, this year, Hope Whitelaw, the UK No. 1 Skier at under 14.


 Hope Whitelaw on the slopes and Morag MacLarty on the track


District 7280 meet District 1010

George and Ann were in the Central Group who hosted District 7280 from Saturday 12th July 2008 until the handover on Thursday morning 17th July 2008 at Aberdeen.



This year the roles are reversed and George and Ann have left for Western Pennsylvania. They are accompanied by Ian and Liz Rattray from Pitlochry, Jim and Pat Strathearn from Kirriemuir, Allan and Mary Cunningham from Montrose, John and Chris Hall from Buckie and David and Isabel Patterson from Buckie. 




Saturday, July 25, 4:46 p.m. Pick up guests at Pittsburgh Airport; Evening free with hosts

Sunday, July 26, Free day with hosts; 6:30 p.m. BBQ at David and Sandy Copper’s

Monday, July 27, Men: 10:00 a.m. Golf at Avalon Lakes; Ladies: 10:00 a.m. Wendell August Forge, Lunch at Slippery Rock Brewery, shopping at Grove City Outlets; 6:30 p.m. Dinner at Avalon Country Club, Sharon

Tuesday, July 28, Men: 10:00 am. Golf at New Castle Country Club; Ladies: 11:30 a.m. Pepperberry’s, New Wilmington Lunch at The Tavern, Amish tour and shopping in New Wilmington and Volant; 6:30 p.m. Dinner at New Castle Country Club

Wednesday, July 29, Men: 10:00 a.m. Golf at Oak Tree Country Club; Ladies: 11:00 a.m. Tour of Buhl Mansion, Sharon; Lunch at Tara, shopping in Sharon at The Winner, Reyer’s, Pat Catan’s. etc; 6:00 p.m. It’s Bike Night at Quaker Steak and Lube


Thursday, July 30, 11:00 am Exchange with Northern Hosts at Chovy's in Meadville; lunch with Central and Northern Hosts. 


Click here for the full itinerary


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) programme for young people, which was officially adopted by Rotary International in 1971, is the jewel in the crown as far as District 1010 Youth Opportunities is concerned and is far more successful than the majority of Districts in RIBI. This year we had 64 girls and 69 boys for their respective weeks. The two girls we sponsored are:


Maria Ure & Lisa McNiven.


The young people are selected because they have shown leadership qualities and the programme is designed to develop these characteristics. The course includes the fundamentals of leadership, the ethics of positive leadership, the importance of communications in effective leadership, problem solving and conflict management, building self-esteem and self-confidence and elements of community and global citizenship. They are also informed about Rotary and its contribution to the local and international community.


Each day starts with breakfast at 8.15 a.m. followed by a speaker (speakers are normally individuals who hold prominent positions in their respective community and have also been successful in their own fields; they talk about their experiences with particular reference to leadership). At 10.15 a.m. they depart for activities which include climbing, abseiling, orienteering, raft building, the Abernethy Challenge, canoeing, hill walking, mountain biking etc. Instruction is provided by the Abernethy Trust staff, who are fully qualified in all areas covered. The activities are physically and mentally challenging but very rewarding. It is very interesting to see the way they cope with different situations, interact with each other and the way in which leaders emerge within groups at different stages. The evening meal is at 6 p.m. followed by activities between 7 and 9 p.m. Thereafter, there is the use of the sports facilities and / or free time with lights out at 11.00 p.m.


Both male and female camps have their own Camp Leaders (Arthur Taylor & Hilary Gordon) and counsellors; most of the male counsellors are Rotarians whereas the females are not. Once again we have had a very successful year and it is a great credit to Arthur, Hilary, all the volunteer counsellors and the staff at Abernethy Trust that it does work so well. It is, certainly worth a visit – Tuesdays are usually best in that the young people are involved in the Abernethy Challenge and, therefore, not out on the hills etc. Breakfast there is always a good way to start the day.



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