23rd June 2009

Presidential Handover and Club Assembly

"A first class evening" was the general consensus at the end of our Presidential handover and Club Assembly evening.

Harry's roundup of the year, set to music composed by his son and played by the Black Dyke Band, took us through the past year's social and sporting events and reminded us of the many and varied groups and individuals who the Club have helped this year. This was very well received by members.

Following the Presidential handover, Janet presented her plans for the coming year. This was extremely well thought out and presented in a positive and humorous style which was warmly received by Members. (A summary of Janet's 'plans' can be found below.)

The evening concluded with Samantha Miller, Assistant Governor Zone 7, who addressed the Club briefly.

A copy of the June newsletter can be viewed here 

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President Janet's first chat

The priorities for John Kenny (President of RIBI) which are also reflected in the District goals are:-

  • To expand membership globally in both numbers and quality
  • To advance the recognition and public image of Rotary
  • The eradication of Polio
  • Clean water
  • Health and hunger
  • Literacy

Club Membership Goal - a net increase of 2 members between 1 July this year and 31 March 2010 – to increase our membership to 44.

Raising the profile of Rotary and our Club. We are contributing along with the other two Perth clubs to have the Rotary Wheel on the boat which John Mollison is hopefully rowing across the Atlantic to raise funds for BLESMA.

We are  also participating along with the other two Perth clubs in an event as part of the Perth 800 celebrations in 2010.

I have appointed 2 PR officers – Eva Smart and Eddie Anderson. We also have the website and Chatters (Editor and Webmaster Greg Ross). I have suggested strengthening ties with Round Table, the Soroptimists and Perth College with a view to working with them, and attracting new members.

We have not implemented the Club Leadership Plan but I think that soon we will have to work out where our committees fit in with the District, National and International structures so I intend to consult fully with Council and the club during the year on the implications, to see what is best for our club.

Programme - I would like to develop a bank of speakers for those who don’t know of a speaker to contact and hope that club members will provide suggestions of topics, and speakers.

I have only recently told the Committee Convenors who will be on the various committees so they have not had a chance to meet.  We have however had 2 meetings of this year’s Council and have the outline for the year ready to fill in.

International and Foundation -  Convenor Iain Brown  

Contribute at least £500 towards the Rotary $200 million challenge for the eradication of Polio

Invite Steven Chorley the District Foundation Officer to speak to the club in November (Foundation month in the Rotary Calendar) to increase the Club’s knowledge of Foundation.

Continue with the sponsorship of Pamela and Muthepandi through the Jo Homan charity and look at other ways to assist them.  The Committee will consider a project with Harry’s brother in law’s Rotary Club in Swaziland or Elgin Rotary club’s clean water project and perhaps provision of Mosquito nets and/or Shelterbox and/or Aquabox.

Community – Convenor Julia Robertson

Home-Start Perth and perhaps other local charities that do sterling work but are less well known than the major organisations.

The outing for the children from Chernobyl

Consider requests for support from other organisations and from individuals throughout the year

As an environmental project we could pursue the idea of a garden at the new palliative care unit

Youth and Vocation – Convenor Bob Abernethy

Continue with the Young Artist competition organised with Perthshire Artists Association, the Young Musician Competition with Perth College, sponsorship of RYLA students and interviews at Strathallan.

Consider the support of disabled or disadvantaged children to participate in an activity which would otherwise not be available to them

Ways and Means – Convenor Andrew Still

Established fundraisers of our Charity Golf day  on 2 September 2009, the Dinner on 12 March 2010 and our biennial  visit of the Black Dyke Band on 27 March 2010 and I am sure there will be other activities to fill the coffers

Fellowship Officer  John Shedden

I know that a Treasure Hunt on foot is being arranged, there is a party night at the races on Tuesday 28 July and there will be other ideas.

Sports Officer  - Ian Stevenson

Golf – the ladder, annual golf outing on 13 September and  Charity Golf day on 2 September 2009

Gavel – can we do as well as last year?

Curling – the curling academy and involvement of the less experienced curlers in the league, club and other events

Inter Perth club cricket in the summer

With Peter Hepburn now joining the club perhaps a bowling event

If any of you have charities or events which you would like us to support or participate in then let me or one of the convenors know as soon as possible. 

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