October 2009 News from the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull  

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I have just entered the rota which now details everything to the end of May and couldn't help noticing the large events coming up next year. Time, it seems, really does wait for no man. I also noticed small patterns in the selection of the duties; something that happens when doing a job like this on the computer. I finished and settled back in contentment as I clicked the save changes button. Aha, you say, and you'd be right. I had broken the golden rule and not saved bit by bit. So there I was with a blank screen hoping that the work had been saved after all.

Computers are cruel things at the best of times, so it was no surprise that the work had not saved and I would have to start again. Having worked on computers for so long, I now have the patience not to be upset by such situations. I just adopted the pray position in front of the screen by clasping my head in my hands and muttering the traditional catechism.

It is so easy to forget things when involved in a task, especially when other tasks fill one's head at the same time. Distractions are there to, well, distract. But I am not alone in forgetfulness. As you will see, there are no convenors' reports this month; no event reports; in fact, nothing. I see another pattern emerging. The positive side is that this month's Chatters is shorter, which I know will be welcome. 

I make no apologies for inserting the photo, taken by John Shedden, here to show that the weather this month has kept going from September to create such a colourful landscape.



District News

This month, the District news was brought to us by the governor himself, Bill McFarlane-Smith, accompanied by his wife Daphne.

He explained the great changes in society being met by the District Team implementing the Club Leadership Schemes in line with RI and RIBI. The Rotary Foundation had the most important job to do with RI President JohnKenny's personal Campaign for Polio eradication. The complete eradication in India showed what could be done, leaving work only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. This, in itself, did not preclude our attention from world hunger and literacy -

'no-one should go to bed hungry'.

RI intend to have fewer schemes but make larger collections to concentrate the effort where it was needed and continue support for Shelter Box Schemes. The local community was just as important, and it was his intention to encourage each club to have schemes linked to the environment, and put resources into schools. He ended with the announcement that Perth-Kinnoull Rotary Club was to receive a Presidential Citation for all the good progress. Thinking on this statement, the film 'Who Needs Rotary' gave everyone final food for thought.

What Bill said about us.

It was a genuine pleasure to get out on the road again to vist the Perth Kinnoull Club. President Janet was the perfect hostess and has the unenviable task of keeping a very vibrant group of Rotarians under control.She did this superbly well.It was also a great pleasure to see Rotarian Brian Raine, District Youth Opportunities Chairman, much restored in health and looking incredibly well despite everything he has been through recently. Kinnoull is another Club which has responded very quickly to my appeal for Shelterboxes, with at least one being funded in the very near future. They are also strong supporters of youth activities, PolioPlus and Foundation. International; they support a Rotary Club in Swaziland and are maintaining their wonderful project to provide succour for the Chernobyl children. Time so often leads to forgetfulness or even invisibility, and I am so pleased that the Kinnoull Club has managed to maintain the latter link over such a long number of years now. The Club is also involved greatly with their local community and with other Perth Clubs in supporting the Perth 800 celebrations. On membership, like more and more Clubs, they are pursuing new members even though their existing membership base is quite satisfactory. As always, I totally commend such foresight.


Our speakers this month were Dr. Helen Bath, Operations Director for the British Red Cross Society, and Alan Calderwood, raconteur, all the way from Perth Rotary Club. Helen gave us a full decription of the Red Cross from the foundation by Henry Dumont in 1862 and the Geneva Convention to the current aims, organisation and connections. Alan, on the other hand, gave a humerous account of the Presidents of the United States which he called 'a loose federation of autonomous states'. It all came down to the best remembered Presidents who gave memorable speeches, and the few who didn't. 


This has been quite a sparse month though I am sure things are happening behind the scenes. However, John Shedden continued to develop the fellowship in the club with an inaugural walk in Blairgorie along the Isla on a beautiful autumn day. John, Nick and Julia were warmly welcomed at lunch time by President Oswald and the Blairgowrie Rotary Club members.



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