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2009 News from the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull  

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 President's Patter


Where does the road go which is said to be paved with good intentions? Ah yes I remember and also that all solicitors are said to end up there anyway! Any way I had intended to do a report on the District Meeting for this issue and also on the last business meeting but neither is done and Greg’s deadline is upon me as is the last date for posting Christmas cards and I still have a pile to write, so my Rotary report card for the last month or so reads “must do better”.
I was feeling sorry for myself at the week-end. On Saturday I got up to no downstairs lighting and no heating, I solved the heating problem but had to wait for my brother who was coming to see me anyway to solve the lighting. On Sunday night the power went to the downstairs sockets so no computer, fire or TV, the electrician repaired that on Monday morning but the heating wouldn’t re-start – didn’t realise that until after the electrician had gone. A phone call to Scottish Gas got me sufficiently lit up to persevere and get the heating started myself. Looking back on it all this morning as I got up to heat, light and Breakfast TV, I found the silver lining in my cloud in that I have all these things which can go wrong and the wherewithal to have them repaired.
I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2010.
Best Wishes
P.S. remember these important dates for your 2010 Diary – Dinner Friday 12 March and Black Dyke Band Saturday 27 March


Well, folks, the terrors have returned. Remember I told you about the program and rotas page, on the web site, and having to type the data in twice? You do? So I have at least one reader now. I digress; sorry. All that effort and guess what? The whole thing disappeared. That's right. One minute it was there and then..... nothing. And all this without me even being logged on. 23rd November, it was, and I hadn't been on the site for at least a week. Thankfully, Bob had a copy of the original file so at least the frame was available.

So, to work again on the data from Colin's sheets. Type, type, type. Yes, you guessed it. Golden Rule again......... in my rush, forgot. Got to the end and wouldn't save. So, off again; type, type. type, this time save, then type, type, type, save, etc.

You may wonder what this is all about? Indeed. I do as well but I thought you might like to know that paranoia; yes, that is how you spell it, can be infectious. Be right back; need to save.

Hi again. Now the good news. I have to thank Julia, Bob, John, Helen, Gordon and Ian for articles that you will read later. It is so good to be up to date and know what is happening. I quite often find out about an event after it has happened, so I also often wonder what is the purpose of a web site if not to publicise events before they happen. But this month........ er, sorry, two monthsish, I hope you enjoy the Christmas edition.

Bon chance, mes amis, et Joyeux Noel!  

P.S. In keeping with Christmas, one for the children, Q: What has a bed but does not sleep, and a mouth but does not speak? Answer at the end


Business Meeting

Youth & Vocational  from Bob Abernethy

  • Young Artist Competition: From what I have been told, since my return from Oz, this competition seems to have gone as planned with a better than usual level of participation. I would like to thank everyone who worked in my absence to ensure the success of this venture.
  • Supported Cycle for FairviewSchool: A donation of £500 has been agreed by the Club to assist FairviewSchool in the purchase of a Supported Cycle for the use of the pupils. Arrangement are being made for the formal presentation of our cheque.
  • RYLA 2010: During my absence George Evans was contacted by Willie Cooper confirming that he had circulated the information on RYLA 2010 to the participating schools and the selection process will commence early in the new year, once we have received the applications for places..

Community Service from Julia

  • Balnacraig School: We continue, within the Community Service Committee, to investigate the potential of providing equipment for Balnacraig School. George Evans has been in regular contact with the staff who have identified areas where their pupils would benefit from equipment to help with confidence building and relationship building skills.  The sort of items they are looking for are fishing equipment, materials to build a canoe and model building kits. 
  • Kist: We also have, courtesy of Mike Massey, a Kist for members to help fill with their “buy one, get one free (B.O.G.O.F.) items to help with the starter packs to be given to vulnerable people setting up home; often for the first time.  The Kist will be left open during our Tuesday night meetings for members to donate their items.  If any member has larger items that they wish to donate, please contact a member of the Community Service committee to arrange uplift.

  • Kids Out': In January we hope to have the information packs for 'Kids Out'; an event that, hopefully, will involve all three Rotary Clubs. The event will take place on 9th June 2010 and George Evans is the man with the details. 
  • Children from Chernobyl: Lastly, we will again be involved in taking the 'Children from Chernobyl' on a trip to Drummond Safari Park during their visit to Scotland in June/July 2010.
  • Specialist Dogs for Tayside: We have received a request for donation to 'Specialist Dogs for Tayside', as well as an invitation to join the Perth YMCA 3C’s Harvest Celebration on the 30th November.


Club Administration from John

  • You might be interested to know that we have had excellent attendance figures recently,.

17/11/09      69%

24/11/09      67%

01/12/09      74%

08/12/09      71%

Sports Committee from Ian

  •  2010 World Rotary Curling Championships take place in Perth from 28th March to 4th April. It is usual for local clubs to host visiting Rotarians for a meal that, this year, will take place on Tuesday 30th March (not for accommodation as evry visitor is staying at the City Mills Hotel).
  • Could YOU host some visitors? Volunteers are required to host between 2 to 8 Rotarians depending on how many you feel you could comfortably take. Let US demonstrate Scots Hospitality at its best 
  • Ramshead Trophy: We have qualified for the next stage, We came through the Bonspiel with two wins out of two, and now face three games at Kinross in December and January.
  • Curling League: We have not done so well.
  • Perth Kinnoull Academy: We have had two enjoyable games.
  • Tri-club Curling: We came a creditable 2nd to Perth with Nick, Harry and Andrew graduating from the 'Academy'


Perth Kinnoull Rotary Young Artist Competition


The Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull's annual competition amongst various secondary schools around Perth certainly found talented young artists. The competition is in its third year and produced some highly accomplished winners, The winning artworks are displayed at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in George Street for the duration of the Annual Exhibition of the Perthshire Art Association.


The prize-giving was held at the opening event of the 58th Annual Exhibition of the Perthshire Art Association. Roseanna Cunningham officially opened the exhibition and presented the prizes, kindly sponsored by Specialist Crafts Ltd,  to the winners. President Janet represented the Club after tirelessly arranging the final part of the competition. the judging and the framing.  Picking the winners of the Perth Young Artist Award was hard work for the judges, Betty Ramsay, Albert Sinclair and Ian Scott, pictured below. The final winners were Jack Rimmer from Perth Academy ( S1-S3 category) and Hannah Cox from Strathallan (S4-S6 category). The school submitting the highest standard of work presented for both categories was Strathallan.

Pride of place in the Art Exhibition has been reserved for the winners of the 3rd Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club Youth Art Award. Prizes have been awarded for first and second place in each age group to:

S1-S3: 1 Jack Rimmer, Perth Academy; 2 Murdo Elwis, Strathallan.

S4-S6: 1 Hannah Cox, Strathallan; 2 Charlotte Bryant, Kilgraston.


 Perth Kinnoull Rotary Golf Competition

The golf ladder reached a climax earlier leaving the favoured few to play for the Trophy. In the event, Iain received his trophy from President Janet having knocked out Bill Smith, in the semis, and Mike Massey in the final. .  


I know we have had more than two speakers over this period but I can only comment on the two that I attended. Not sure why these two were so memorable. Perhaps someone could help me out on this one. Colin? Douglas? 

Catherine Cowie of Erskine Care Homes gave a very heartfelt talk on the remarkable work that goes on at Erskine Homes, the leading care organisation for ex-Service men and women in Scotland. It is a centre of excellence for integrating residential and respite care. The residents depend on the very highest level of care and support provided by dedicated staff in all the homes. Founded in 1916, Erskine has provided nursing and medical care for former members of our Armed Forces through two world wars and the more recent conflicts and peace keeping initiatives. Re-building shattered lives, restoring dignity and providing first class care to ex-Service men and women, both young and old, have been the cornerstones of Erskine's unrivalled reputation. However, as an organisation, it can never stand still. Sadly war isn’t a thing of the past and we are already looking after young men and women who have come to Erskine from current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Liz Burke introduced the Club to the workings of the relatively new Inner Wheel of Perth Moncrieffe Club. I say relatively new, although Inner Wheel has been supporting Rotary since 1928. International Inner Wheel is the the largest women's Voluntary Service Organisation in the world. The Perth Moncrieffe Club began in 2004 when the 12 founder members began meeting once a month in the evenings; to be specific, the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Royal George Hotel at 7.15 pm .The first involvement of the Club was during the Tsunami Appeal in Perth. Further opportunities arose for starting direct service to the community and these were detailed in a slide show..










Peter Smith gave the Club a very welcome talk of his curling exploits as one member of the 2009 World Champion Curling Team who beat Canada 7-6 in the final. The 2009 Ford Men's World Curling Championships was held in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, from the 4th to the 12th of April at the Moncton Coliseum. Peter, as second to the skip, David Murdoch, shared his pride with the Club in bringing home Scotland's 5th World Title, with considerable humour. The Club would like to thank Peter for giving up his time to be with us as, it needs to be mentioned, the following weekend he was part of the team that won the Edinburgh International Curling Championship.


 Joe Homan Charity

In the summer, the Club sponsored Muthu Pandi and Infant Pamela through the Joe Homan Charity. The sponsorship was warmly received by the Charity who have replied to our generosity; surely a wonderful Christmas present for the Club

Long term supporters of the Joe Holman Charity, Gordon and Loretta Whitcomb, were pleased to receive a cheque from Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull. Through their fundraising this year their donation will go towards equipping the school at Inba Seva Sangam with benches for the pupils. Their generosity also included a gift of art materials for the children to encourage their artistic skills.:














A: A river............... Merry Christmas 






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