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2010 News from the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull  

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As I  think this will probably be the last issue of Chatters in " my year"  I  want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has organised and taken part in the events of the year. We have raised a record amount of money for good causes, some from our usual events but also from new sources and have been well supported by the people of Perth. One of my aims at the start of the year was to support some new projects and the hard work of the convenors  and their teams has made this happen.  Of course this would not have been possible without the hard work of Andrew and the members of his committee looking for ways to raise the funds and as well as the biggies - the evening with the Cardiff Arms Park Choir and Michael Ellacott, the charity Golf day, the concert for Haiti, the dinner and of course the Black Dyke Band - there have been smaller events, including the "Come Dine With Me" evenings which as well as helping to fill the coffers, have given an opportunity for members to get to know the partners of other members..




Howdy Ya'll. It's been very strange trying to get back to normality after such a profound experience. I thought that the first meeting after coming back from Texas would be a relaxed affair. Such is life! Then our 19 year-old cat died the following Tuesday which cut short any idea of attending a second meeting. Many apologies. So on that note I'll cut short and hope this month's late issue has something for everyone. I really do need pictures of the recent events. I think you'll find Julia's message sums up how much the Club has done this year. Good reading.


Community Service Committee Julia reported that, during a very busy year, we have managed to support and finance a number of projects.


Starter Packs - we started with collecting B.O.G.O.F’s for the starter pack project for vulnerable people setting up home in Perth.  More recently we have collected bedding, towels and other household equipment required to set up home.  Member of the Community Service feel this is w worth while cause that should be supported beyond this year.  Also it was noted that during the very cold weather, volunteers were working in cold conditions and we have requested funds from Rotary to help with heating bills. (Mike Massey has been busy delivering goods; Ed).


Balnacraig School - following a visit to this school, members felt that we should support projects being planned that help pupils with confidence building and relationship/leadership skills.  Following ongoing discussions a donation is to be given to the school to assist with their woodworking and environmental projects. (George Evans has been keeping in contact with the school; Ed)

Cortonvale Prison - We were asked to help with supplying materials to redocorate the family room.  For this we gave a cash donation to help with supply of materials.

Chernobyl Children - the yearly visit of children from Chernobyl have been confirmed and we will be taking 10 children to Drummond Safari Park one Saturday in either June or the beginning of July.

Kids Out - the Kids Out charity have joined us in helping a group of disabled children from Fairview School to have a day out at Stanley Activity Centre.  The school will supply food and specialised help, we will supply t-shirts and ancillary help. (Kids Out has been arranged for 9th June with children from Fairview School.  T-shirts have been ordered and the teachers/helpers from the school will be arranging to supply food and specialised assistance during the days outing to Stanley activity centre.  George Evans has managed to arranged everything and Coral Bell will speak to the club in May; Ed). 



International & Foundation Committee: Iain reported that on top of the Haiti donations, we have donated two Aqua30 Boxes

Ways & Means Committee: Andrew reported that recent fundraising events have gone well.

The Black Dyke Band event proved to be very successful again and Andrew recorded his thanks to Harry, the programme advertisers and those who sold programmes on the night.

President’s Dinner – a great evening was had by all and, recession or no, the bar has been raised for next year. Again Andrew thanked all those who assisted with the organisation and donated or procured raffle and auction items.

The ‘Come Dine With Me’ dinners, an amalgamation of fundraising and fellowship, appear to be progressing nicely.


Youth & Vocational Committee:  Bob reported that the RYLA delegates for this year are Katie Lindsay (Perth Grammar) and Tom Hodge (Perth High).

A contribution was made to Fairview School for assisted cycles. An ‘official presentation’ is to be arranged.

The Perth College Young Singer competition will be held in The Royal George on Tuesday, 1st June. Costs are expected to be in line with last year’s event.

A donation has been made to Perth & Kinross Sports Council.




Gavel Night


Colin, Bob Riddell, Peter MacDougall, Nick Hine, John Steven, Ian Stevenson, John Shedden and President Janet enjoyed our  "Gavel Friendly" against the Perth St John's Club in the Royal George in April.  The evening had been organised by Ian Stevenson for those suffering from withdrawal symptoms following our omission from the District Challenge.


The evening goes with a swing


Target putting, carpet bowls, dominoes with up to nine spots, and, of course, the giant Jenga, provided the challenges. We lost, but had a good night of fellowship and fun and an excellent supper.  The highlight of the games was of course Peter and Nick's win at Jenga and we all watched the final stages, joined from time to time by Lorna, passing staff and guests at the Hotel.

Thank you Ian

  Director of Toyota Robot Division prepares statement.



 Man realises he has one leg shorter that the other.



 Shall you tell them, or I?





Tools for Self Reliance 


For nearly 30 years Tools for Self Reliance has helped to relieve poverty in Africa by supporting small businesses and by raising awareness in the UK. With the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers in the UK they fund business skills and other training projects in six countries in Africa. And each year they put tens of thousands of refurbished tools and sewing machines into the hands of people who really need them. Peter McDougall has been part of this charity for many years and has opened a workshop in Dundee and hopes to start one in Perth,.




Rotary clubs all round the country give tremendous support in all sorts of different ways – from fundraising and sponsoring projects, to tool refurbishing and organising specialist tool collections. .

Sponsor a project – The Rotary Club of Christchurch paid for the spring 2009 tool shipment to Malawi. The upholstery, tinsmithing and carpentry project with Malawian partner Samalani is also being part financed by the Rotary Club of Hove. The Rotary Club of Tower Hamlets is again raising money by taking part in this year’s British 10K Run in London. Bath Rotarian Pat Colbourne has just set out on a 5,000 mile walk around the UK coast to raise money for Tools for Self Reliance and four other charities.

Pay for specific items of much-needed tools and equipment – The Rotary Club of Winchester bought a new grit blaster for the Netley Marsh Training Group in 2008, the Rotary Club of Tower Hamlets helped source some anvils, and the Rotary Club of Bognor Regis and 11 other Rotary clubs bought shares to help  buy a new Tools for Self Reliance van.


Organising a tool collection – The Rotary Club of Ealing and Hanwell & Northfields organised a tool collection in collaboration with the Sutton refurbishing group.



Helping out in the workshop – When it comes to refurbishing tools, Rotarians don’t mind getting their hands dirty either, as volunteers in York, Hereford and elsewhere will tell you. And if you’ve got a surplus of tools and you need someone to help organise a tool sale, Rotarians help there too. 



Local Scone man, Mike Moir regaled the Club with his talk entitled Stone of Destiny, enlightening us with tales of Scone Palace, the village and the Royal Stone itself. 

Manliffe Goodbody of Thorntons kept the Club up to date with  the finacial situation in Europe. He called on his many yuears experience in  banking and investment management in a variety of overseas and off-shore centres before joining Thorntons in 1995.






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