04 April 2020
A Story Worth £1000

The winning ticket for the £1,000 prize in the March lottery calendar draw was sold/gifted by rotarian Brian Raine to Geoff, a friend of his from his Durham University days who now lives in the Bedford area.

Fast forward to the Calendar draw on Tuesday 31 March, executed by President Ian under the watchful eye, two metres away, of Frank Sloan. and the number selected by the system for the £1,000 prize was his friend Geoff’s.

In his reply to Brian’s email telling him of his win Geoff said, “Would you do me the kindness of accepting the prize for the charity's good causes - or even, if you know of a different, but very real, need in these extremely difficult times for so many people and organisations, could you please put it towards that? I hope that doesn't make for further difficulties for you, Brian, but I am selfish! I want the joy of having won; combined with the pleasure of knowing that the sum has gone to a very worthy cause”.

Rotarian Brian has very close connections with the Lilias Graham Trust which he is aware is in urgent need of funding so with Geoff’s approval, arrangements are being made for £1,000 to be transferred to them.

The Lilias Graham Trust (LGT) is a Scottish charity that offers independent parenting capacity assessments, within a residential facility and is located in rural Stirlingshire

The LGT provides residential placements to parents and families in cases where there are concerns about parents meeting the needs of their child/children and the local authority require more evidence-based information about whether the child can remain safe within the family.

The protection of vulnerable children is the focus. With experienced staff on call 24 hours a day, The LGT provides and assesses parenting skills and helps parents and families to explore and develop positive relationships.

The picture shows Brian Raine, Claire Thompson and Amy Hatrick during their visit to our club in October 2018.

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