10 August 2021
Donna Bednarek - Teenage Cancer Trust

Tuesday 10th August saw our club joined by Donna Bednarek, the Senior Relationships Manager for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North East of England for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Donna gave us a good presentation around the work that the charity does and how they support the NHS in funding the training for specialist nurses with no funding from the government, they are purely a self-funded charity relying on donations and fund raising events.

What was particularly enlightening was when Donna talked about the Teenage Cancer Trust Units (they don't like to call them "wards") and shared a video of a vlog by a patient as he and his companion did a tour of the brand new unit in Edinburgh that opened in March this year.

Donna's natural enthusiasm was bolstered by the clear passion and pride that she takes in her work and representing the organisation in doing good for others - an ethos that Rotary also prides ourselves in.

Pictured is Donna and her newest addition to her family, a rescue dog from Romania called Berri.

If you'd like to contact Donna to discuss any fund raising ideas, her email address is donna.bednarek@teenagecancertrust.org

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