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17 November 2020David Robertson - Investment Manager St James's Place.

The world of financial management, stocks & shares and global economy were the subject matter of tonight’s talk by David Robertson, Investment Manager of St James’s Place Discretionary and Stockbroking Services. David has now worked in various roles of financial services for over 33 years including Martin Currie Investment Management, the London Stock Market’s Regional Sales Manager for Scotland and Ireland, Institutional Fund Manager at Standard Life and as a Portfolio Manager covering Asia for General Accident (now Aviva) here in Perth.

He showed a number of slides to illustrate how the global economy had been affected over the past year mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Virtually all markets took a huge hit in the early part of the year due to the virus spreading like wildfire but from April onwards, both the Chinese and US markets increased sharply. The UK market has lagged behind due to the uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit.

David gave examples of major companies which have benefited from the current circumstances such as Apple, now valued at $1.7 trillion, Amazon at $1.6 trillion and Zoom at a mere $113 billion! He added that Apple were so powerful that they just buy out any company that is a threat to them and that Amazon was now by far the biggest online retailer in the World.

He highlighted the major factors that are currently driving the markets such as the US Presidential election, the discovery of Covid19 vaccines and Brexit. The “Biden Effect” has pushed up most global markets especially in the oil industry as President Elect, Joe Biden is anti-fracking. On the announcement regarding the discovery of a vaccine for Covid, the markets shot up although in some areas, the Brexit situation is still having an effect.

In conclusion, David said that many companies and organisations had greatly suffered from the impact of the pandemic but it was not all doom and gloom. He felt the worst was now behind us and after Covid and Brexit, he was optimistic there would still be ways of making money!

03 November 2020Raymond Jamieson - Carers Hub Manager, PKAVS

I love my job and look forward to Monday mornings, unlike some! These were the opening remarks by our guest speaker tonight, Raymond Jamieson, who is the Carers Hub Manager of Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Services (PKAVS).

Having been in the banking sector for a number of years, Raymond advised he felt he wanted a complete change and enrolled at Perth College in 2006 to study for a degree in social work. He then joined PKAVS some twelve years ago working in various roles including his current one for the past five and a half years. He explained that PKAVS is a local charity set up in the 1970’s to help people living in Perth & Kinross including support for unpaid carers, people recovering from mental illness and minority communities all of whom are facing daily challenges.

He said their vision was “To improve the quality of life for people in Perth & Kinross through the provision of direct service delivery and to act as a catalyst for the positive development of the voluntary sector”. There are a number of hubs of which he manages the Carers one and these are split into age groups, 5 - 15 with 355 young carers, 16 - 24 with 116 young adult carers and age 25+ with 964 adults, a total of over 1,400 unpaid carers the youngest being 5 and the oldest 97! He added that on average, there are 60 new references across all services each month.

Raymond then gave some examples of support they gave with young carers being offered weekly respite groups during school term such as training for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and day trips with residential breaks being held in the school holidays. Later this month there is a full day Carers Connect Virtual Conference which will highlight the support that is available to all carers. Complimentary therapies, with up to twelve vouchers, are available to appropriate carers although due to the current restrictions, a number of these have had to be virtual. There is a well used telephone befriending service where PKAVS receive an average of 200 calls each week.

  As we approach Christmas, Raymond advised they normally give out kindness bags to both male and female carers containing “goodies” and provide gift vouchers to the young carers allowing them to buy items in specific shops. Unless something dramatic happens, the usual parties and ceilidh will not be held this year which is a great shame. Looking to the future, like everyone else, he didn’t know what lay ahead but it most certainly would be challenging!

20 October 2020Dr Craig Brown - Orthopaedic Surgeon

It was a great pleasure to welcome Dr Craig Brown, MBChB (Stell), Orth (SA) from South Africa as our guest speaker tonight who is, of course, the son of our very own Iain Brown. Craig covered many areas of his life, from schoolboy in Perth, to University and various hospitals bringing us right up to date with his current position as Senior Specialist at Khayelitsha Hospital in Cape Town.

He started his talk by showing us an old black and white Victorian photograph of his ancestors (and no, his father wasn’t in the line up!) indicating most of them were involved in the medical profession and that he was following in their footsteps. His next slide was of his flat in the Halls of Residence which overlooked the 18th green of the iconic Old Course when he was a student at St Andrews University. These Halls have now been converted into luxury flats and penthouses with a sale price of between £1m and £7m! 

After three years in Manchester followed by two in Bristol, in 2007 Craig headed for South Africa  where he trained to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon. The following year, having met Julia who was to become his wife, the pair left for Australia working in hospitals in various locations such as Melbourne and Hobart. He advised that it was his “mentor” in Melbourne who had performed the hip resurfacing surgery on Andy Murray indicating that these operations were the second most successful after cataracts.

After nine and a half years down under, they returned to South Africa and settled in Cape Town where they have now been for over three years. Like most locations, he indicated there were both good things and bad, citing excellent weather and a first class Rugby Team to a high crime rate, high unemployment and much poverty. Referring to the Covid 19 pandemic, he said the whole country went into a complete shut down for one month resulting in a very low death rate but with serious implications for the economy.

Craig then gave us an informative insight into his role at the hospital in Khayelitsha, which is a township of Cape Town with a population of 390,000. There are only two consultants, of which he is one, and a maximum team of six with no Registrar. Unlike the UK where the ratio of surgeons is 8 per 100,000 of the population, in South Africa it is 1.63 per 100,000. He showed examples of surgery he undertook and advised they give priority to children and try to get them back to school as soon as possible. They undertake four theatres per week and their normal service hours are from 7.30am to 4.00pm each day. The hospital had over 7,000 outpatients last year, an increase of 46%, along with an increase of 30% in operative cases.

In concluding, Craig said their vision for the future included embracing technology, innovation, robot surgery, virtual operations and 3D printing templating. He added that in 2025, a version of the NHS was being introduced, albeit that everyone would have to pay a premium!

19 October 2020Ben Leitch - Sporting Blues Award

ben is seen here last year being presented with his sponsorship cheque from gillian marsh as president.It was with great delight that we learnt that Ben Leitch had been awarded a Sporting Blues Award for his outstanding talent in wheelchair basketball. Ben, of course, was the 2019 recipient of our £500 SportsAid sponsorship cheque which recognised his exceptional achievements in his chosen sport.

This prestigious award is presented by the University of the Highlands and Islands and Highlands and Islands Student Association in recognition of the contributions of athletes connected to the University to Scottish, British or World sport. As a student at the University, Ben said “I am delighted to be recognised for my achievements and have been honoured to play for not only Scotland but for Great Britain. I am currently working as a tier one academy athlete with a goal to being involved in the 2022 Commonwealth Games as well as the 2024 Paralympic Games”.

We wish him well for the future and look forward to hearing about his continued success.

Ben is seen here last year being presented with his sponsorship cheque from Gillian Marsh as President.


06 October 2020Hannah McIntosh - Project Trust in Nepal

In September 2019, Hannah McIntosh embarked on a once in a lifetime journey to live and teach in Nepal for 12 months with an educational charity called Project Trust.

Hannah said she was super lucky to have been c h o s e n  f o r  t h i s opportunity. However, in order to make her trip of a lifetime happen she had to raise £6200. Our club played a part in helping this happen and as they say the rest is history.

Hannah joined us for a Zoom meeting and with great confidence and pride told us all about her time in the village of Gwalichar in the provence of Baglung, Nepal. Hannah explained all about the abject poverty the local live in and how it would be hard to find a happier group of people any where in the world. We learned about teaching methods in Nepal and how Project Trust is trying to help.

Sadly Hannahs year was cut short due to Covid19 but she still stays in touch with her good friend and fellow teacher from Nepal, Lakshmi.

15 September 2020Callum Farquhar, OBE - Japanese Tsunami, 2011

Tonight’s guest speaker was Callum Farquhar who is the Regional Commissioner for East Scotland Scouts, looking after an area between the Forth and the north of Angus including Perth & Kinross. His talk was on the devastating effect the 2011 Tsunami had on the east coast of Japan, the events which then unfolded along with the involvement and strong links of the Scout group at Cairneyhill, Dunfermline.

Having taken parties of Scouts to Kamaishi on a fairly regular basis for 30 years, Callum advised they knew the area well and had built up numerous contacts and friendships over a long period of time. He described how the region had been hit by previous tsunamis, in 1896 when the town was totally demolished, in 1960 when much of the city was destroyed and then the horrendous one which struck on the 11th March, 2011. This was the largest earthquake ever to hit Japan registering 9.1 on the Richter scale with its epicentre 70 kilometres offshore.

Around 1250 people from the city were killed but, in what was called the “Miracle of Kamaishi” only 5 school children lost their lives and that was because they were not in school at the time. Initiated by a Professor of Civil Engineering, all school children were taught, and practiced, what to do if there was a tsunami and the evacuation drill proved extremely successful. These 5 young deaths represented only a 0.17% loss of life compared with a 70% loss of school children further up the coast.

When hearing of the tragedy, the Scouts raised an amazing £10,000 which they sent out to the stricken area. On a subsequent visit, one of the most harrowing experiences for the group was seeing the total destruction of houses and homes they had previously stayed in. The Cairneyhill Scouts replaced all the scout regalia for their Japanese counterparts.

Callum showed before and after slides of the rebuilding of the town where all work completed was  between 15 and 20 meters higher than before. A new Community Centre was constructed and hand pumps installed at various locations ensuring fresh drinking water would be available if a further tsunami struck. On the site where two schools had previously stood, a sports stadium was built which was used during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. The seats were made from the trees uprooted during the catastrophe and the stadium now stands as a memorial to all those who lost their lives, a most poignant reminder of that day in March, 2011.

Finishing on a happier note, Callum showed slides of the Japanese and Scottish Scouts enjoying a BBQ with a difference. The hosts had provided scallops while the visitors supplied haggis and, yes, the Japanese youngsters even had smiles on their faces as they enjoyed our national dish! He concluded that their memories will be of the wonderful friendships made, not the tsunami.

01 September 2020Roddy Mackenzie, Chief Executive, SportsAid Scotland

Having supported SportsAid Scotland for nearly 20 years, it was a great pleasure to welcome its Chief Executive, Roddy Mackenzie, as our guest speaker tonight. Roddy was appointed CE in October 2015 after more than 30 years as a freelance sports journalist where he covered a wide range of sports for all the National newspapers including football, athletics, badminton, volleyball, American football and speedway.

He advised that SportsAid Scotland was an independent charity formed forty years ago by Raymond Miquel, the then Managing Director of Bell’s Scotch Whisky with its HQ here in Perth and David Stevenson, an Edinburgh businessman who had represented GB in the 1964 Olympics and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 1962, 1966 and 1970 as a pole vaulter.

He indicated that SportsAid provide financial support to young athletes aged 12 to 22 and para athletes of any age. Their main source of funding came from the Robertson Trust who supply 85% of their income, David Stevenson and a number of smaller donations from various sources such as ourselves at Perth Kinnoull. Scottish Sports National Governing bodies submit applications from potentially successful athletes for consideration of an award which currently can be from £300 to £1,000. Roddy was delighted to advise that this year they were able to support all applications received giving 267 grants covering 30 sports totalling £143,900. He added that unlike England where each award is matched by Sport England, this is not the case in Scotland.

Roddy was keen to point out that over 70% of Scots who took part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio had received support from SportsAid. Also, Team Scotland won a record 44 medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 of which current or former SportsAid supported athletes had won 29 of them. He reflected that even the great Sir Chris Hoy was grant aided as a talented teenage cyclist and the rest, as they say, is history!

In concluding, Roddy indicted that the charity faced a number of challenges going forward the main one being that the Robertson Trust were withdrawing their support over the next few years leaving a huge financial hole to fill. Proposing the vote of thanks, Ken Thompson hoped the club would continue to support SportsAid Scotland and even invite Roddy to The Royal George Hotel  for some proper hospitality at a future cheque presentation.

18 August 2020Gordon Muir - Wildlife along the Tay

Tonight, we were treated to a magnificent selection of photographs by Gordon Muir featuring wildlife along the banks of the Tay reaching to Woody Island and the River Almond. Gordon is Head Chef at Perth College UHI and is part of the team who work directly with students to deliver on the job training as part of their course work.

The enforced lockdown due to the current pandemic has given him additional time to pursue one of his passionate hobbies, amateur photography, the other main one being St Johnstone FC! As this was the first time he had presented his photographs to a “live” audience, Gordon advised he was a little nervous. However, this proved to be ill founded as he showed spectacular picture after picture of birds and animals some of which many of us never realised were on our doorstep, or should that be riverbank, such as ospreys, foxes and even wild mink!

Explaining he was someone with little patience, except with his photography, he regularly gets up at 4.00am when wildlife abounds and humans don’t then adds “it’s the best time of day.” Starting at the View Point at the foot of the High Street, we see otters catching their breakfast, followed upstream by a magnificent salmon which was quickly photographed by Gordon before being released by the proud angler.

Moving further upriver, there are outstanding photographs of mallard ducks, cormorants and a seal looking for its next meal, with a heron, buzzard and kestrel all taken at the Nature Pond on the North Inch golf course. Next up is a selection of the various birds that frequent the area, such as wrens, swans, yellow hammers, sparrow hawks, oyster catchers, sand martins, robins, coal tits and goldcrests, which are the smallest birds in the UK. Two spectacular shots follow with an osprey catching a fish and a goosander midstream with 5 chicks on its back, called a “goosander taxi” by Gordon.

Woody Island is next featured where we are shown stunning pictures of otters, beavers, deer and an inquisitive fox out for its morning meal, a photograph Gordon feels is one of the best he has ever taken. Also in this area and towards the River Almond, we see an array of more birds including swans, sandpipers, dippers, skylarks, woodpeckers and kingfishers, which he states  are one of his favourites. In what he describes as a “marmite” opinion on the mammals, he shows photographs of a wild mink and a grey squirrel, but finishes his outstanding pictorial presentation with a magnificent shot of, yes, a kingfisher!

In conclusion, Gordon thanked Steve Norris for setting up the presentation and said that luck played a huge part in getting good quality photographs of all the wildlife he has been fortunate to capture. Those watching were hugely impressed by his skills indicating he was being far too modest and the word “amateur” was very much a misnomer!

11 August 2020Cath Sutherland, Joint President, The Rotary Club of Perth City East, WA.

Commitment and enthusiasm in abundance - that was evidently clear when we listened to our very special guest speaker tonight, Cath Sutherland, who is the Joint President of the Rotary Club of Perth City East in Western Australia. She shares the Presidency with her husband, James, which must be a first for Rotary anywhere in the world!

Despite joining us at the unearthly hour of 2.30am local time, Cath waxed lyrically about her club which was only chartered in November 2018 and already boasts 70 members with aspirations to reach about 150. She herself has only been a Rotarian since its formation although her husband had 10 years’ previous service with another club. They are a breakfast club, meeting every two weeks and are arguably Western Australia’s most practiced Rotarians, proud that their members have countless years of involvement with other clubs.

Cath explained that Perth City East is the newest club in the state and they have adopted a new contemporary style of Rotary that is flexible and adaptable to professionals who have career and family obligations. Unlike ourselves, they only have a few retired Rotarians but have a number of corporate memberships where  at least 4 people from each company are members.

Reading from the club’s vision statement, Cath said their purpose was “To enable lasting solutions that positively impact our community locally and across the world.” Also “We work in a spirit of camaraderie and share our knowledge and experience.” She advised they were not a fundraising club as such but negotiated funding for their various projects with businesses, corporations or the City Council.

With Perth Kinnoull being a more traditional club, it was a most interesting insight into how a new club is facing up to the challengesof the modern world.

30 July 2020Bellway Supports Local Rotary Club.

Motorists driving into Perth on the Glasgow Road are enjoying a beautiful summer floral display thanks to Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club and Bellway Homes Ltd (Scotland East).

The housebuilder donated £150 to help the local group place an additional Rotary International sign at the entrance to its Charlotte Gate residential development and planted Cotswold Gold heathers picking out the Rotary International Wheel.

The Rotary Club already had a floral display made up of 5,000 crocuses, which was planted on the same sit in 2017, as part of its Purple4Polio campaign. For over 30 years, Rotary has been working tirelessly to rid the world of the deadly disease. Over 2.5 billion children have received vaccinations, thanks to the help of Rotary.

George Delgaty of Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club said” Bellway very kindly let us plant a crocus wheel on their development two years ago and we are delighted that they have once again lent us their support. The heathers will have white flowers in late summer and the purple crocuses will again come through next Spring”.

“Hopefully people driving past will see the sign and it will inspire them to learn more about the work we do in the local community- from organizing big events like the Tayside Cycle Challenge Sportive to one-off donations to young sports stars and ongoing support of local and national charities”

Lynn Pringle, Director, Bellway Homes Ltd ( Scotland- East) said: “Rotary Club’s do such a wonderful job in the local community and we didn’t think twice when they asked us. The new sign and flowerbed look absolutely terrific”.

Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club wishes to thank Bellway Homes Ltd (Scotland- East) for their support with this project and our photo shows Kirsten Gavin, Sales Manager, Bellway Homes Ltd (Scotland east) and local Sales Manager, Janice officially opening the new Sign and Flowerbed on 30th July 2020.

21 July 2020Andrew Sharkey- Scouting, then and now.

We were delighted to welcome Andrew Sharkey to our meeting this evening who gave a most interesting talk on “Scouting, then and now”. He is the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Scotland and leads and manages volunteers across Scotland, supporting the provision of Scouting to  thousands of young people.

Andrew advised he is passionate about Scouting especially assisting and enabling volunteers to help youngsters develop skills for life. Over the years, he has held various roles working mainly with the Venture Scout and, more recently, the Explorer Scout sections. He believes in the importance of maintaining a role in the local area and was the Group Scout Leader in his local group where his sons are both members and his wife is a Cub Leader. He continues to be the local Explorer Scout Leader and an active member of the Clyde Region Training Team.

Giving an overview, Andrew advised that the Scouts were formed in 1907 and now have over 55 million members worldwide, including 390,000 in the UK of which over 50,000 are in Scotland. He reflected on some of the main changes in the organisation, such as a more modern uniform and that there was no longer a need to take a promise to God, making the Scouts open to youngsters of any faith or none. A more substantial change was the introduction of girls into the movement, a few older ones in 1976 and all age groups in 2007 with girls now making up approximately 40% of the Scottish membership.

As someone who has a huge interest in International Scouting, he has attended four World Scout Jamborees, led the UK contingent of over 6,000 to the European Jamboree in 2005 and was part of the UK Management team for the World Scout Moot, for those aged 18 - 25, in Iceland in 2017. However, one of his favourite camps is here in Perthshire at Blair Atholl which he attends every two years, but unfortunately not this year due to the pandemic.

In summing up, Andrew stressed he believed that most youngsters were good people and added that it was estimated that during the current lockdown, Scouts had carried out over 10,000 acts of kindness throughout the UK.

Andrew was a suitably appropriate guest as, of course, President Chris is also heavily involved in the Scouts holding, or has held, various roles including Scout Leader, Deputy District Commissioner for Perth & Kinross and District Commissioner for East Central Scotland.

07 July 2020 Tracey Horner talks about Lendwithcare

Although we were disappointed when the Lendwithcare seminar was cancelled, which was to have been hosted by us in the Royal George Hotel in April, we were delighted to welcome Tracey Horner as our special guest speaker on Tuesday.

As Project Manager, Tracey has overall responsibility for Lendwithcare and she has been the driving force for the programme since its inception in 2010.

She indicated the charity provides loans by Microfinance, which is a category of financial services targeting individuals and small businesses who lack access to conventional banking and related services. It is designed to reach excluded customers, usually poorer populations who may be geographically isolated, and help them to become self-sufficient.

Each loan can be from £15 to a four figure sum and priority is given to women as they tend to support the family much more than men. These women can use the money to set up basic to small businesses or buy plots of land or small holdings to raise chickens for their eggs, grow fruit and vegetables or rear cattle or goats. Once the business is in profit, the loan is repaid to the  funding partner or, most likely, is used to help another entrepreneur. It was gratifying to hear that less than 0.5% of bad debts were recorded.

Over the last few months, Coronavirus has affected the number of loans they have received as many of their funding partners have gone into lockdown and unable to provide any loans. In response, Lendwithcare temporarily stopped lending and launched a business solidarity fund appeal raising an amazing £245,000 which was used to support many of their traders during the current pandemic.

Tracey advised her small team work hard to ensure investors have the best possible experience supporting poor entrepreneurs so that their money is lent responsibly and fairly enabling these entrepreneurs and their families to have the best chance of working their way out of poverty.

We were advised that some 897,000 loans from over 60,000 lenders to around 129,000 entrepreneurs have been granted with in excess of £26 million loaned since Lendwithcare was set up in 2010. Of this amount, an incredible £1 million has been loaned by Rotary Clubs throughout the UK since it’s inception.

To date, Perth Kinnoull has given 59 loans, helped 360 entrepreneurs and created 193 jobs and we are proud to have played a very small part in this success story.

06 July 2020End Polio Now

To further enhance the Rotary display at the Bellway Development, President Chris, SVP Brian and George have now planted a substantial number of yellow heathers to augment the floral arrangement. With the crocuses, rhododendron and heathers, those arriving in Perth from the south, will be assured of a colourful welcome from Spring through to Autumn. Well done George for sourcing the heathers from his favourite garden centre.

05 July 2020Muriel Robertson's 100th birthday

Muriel, who is a resident at Kincarrathie House, one of the Care Homes we visit to give give the residents indoor sports, had a lovely day on Sunday, 5th July on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

She had her hair done in the morning and then received her Zoom ‘Happy Birthday’ from Bob Abernethy and fellow Rotarians. She was quite bemused and did enjoy it, although having trouble hearing at times as she’d misplaced her hearing aids!  Before lunch she then spent some time listening to some of her favourite Frank Sinatra music.

Later Muriel enjoyed a small afternoon party with resident friends, with special balloons and decorations, including an elegant ‘100’ tiara which she proudly wore.



30 June 2020Club hand over. What a whopper

With no possibility of a physical handover, outgoing President Ian thought it might be quite interesting to try something totally different to hand over the chain of office to President Elect, Chris. Knowing how keen a fisher he was, Ian asked Chris to bring in a fishing rod for the handover “ceremony” which took place, by kind permission, in Secretary Bruce’s lovely front garden.

In handing over the Presidential chain at the end of the fishing rod, Ian congratulated Chris on his appointment and wished him every success during his term in office which, due to current circumstances, would be fairly challenging! In response, and by the same method, Chris then

handed over the Past President’s badge to Ian and thanked him for his kind words and paid tribute to him for all his hard work and commitment during his term of office.

Similarly, Chris then presented Brian with his Senior Vice President’s chain stating he was looking forward to working with him over the next Rotary year. Videos of these three presentations were shown at the Club’s Zoom Assembly and Handover Meeting on 30th June.

Above Picture left to right Brian Johnston, Ian E Brown and Chris Kirk.

30 June 2020Winner of Fellowship Quaich

One of Ian E Brown's last tasks before stepping down as President was to award the Fellowship Quaich.

This year the Winner was Frank Sloan in recognition of all the hard work he has put in.

Some tasks Frank participated in include IT operator and trainer, Photography, PR & Media, Club Typesetter, Running Young Photographer of the Year, Organized Producing the Calendar, Organizing and assisting with Indoor sports at Care Homes, Helping out at all club events with the sometimes assistance of his lovely wife Deirdre and many more tasks too numerous to mention. A well-deserved popular winner.

23 June 2020Toastmasters. A safe environment to practice public speaking

Tuesday 23rd June saw us welcome Phil Cooper to our meeting via Zoom video conference. Phil is a member of both the Perth and Dundee Toastmasters clubs and is rather passionate about it, having been a past president and secretary and he says the only negative thing he has to say about Toastmasters is that he hadn't discovered it earlier.

Phil was keen to stress that Toastmasters isn't training to be a master of ceremonies and he owns neither a red jacket, cane nor top hat! He did state that Toastmasters is a safe environment to practice public and off the cuff speaking, the latter of which he put the club to test on under the banner of "Table Topics" where several members had to do an impromptu speech for 60 seconds on a topic of Phil’s choosing! 

Phil was also eager to stress that relations are being fostered between Rotary International and Toastmasters International and Steve Fairlie, who is a member of both, fully supports this idea - especially since Toastmasters has a more gender diverse membership. In the digital age of Zoom conferences it would also open us up to a wider variety of speakers from all over. The recent Perth Toastmasters meeting had a lady attend from Florida and a lady deliver a speech from Spain. 

Should you like to get in contact with Phil in regard to attending a Toastmasters meeting, his email address is phil.cooper@btinternet.com, website is https://www.perthtoastmasters.org/

Picture shows Phil and his wife Caroline engaging in one of their other favourite hobbies. 

09 June 2020Doping in Sport. What is it?

We were delighted to be visited on Zoom this evening by Nigel Hetherington who has worked for UK Anti-Doping as a national trainer for 8 years, protecting the right of all those who love sport to enjoy doping-free competition.   UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) implements and manages anti-doping policy in the UK. It works with athletes and national sports bodies to ensure compliance with the World Anti-Doping (WADA) Code.

He gave us a fascinating insight into the 10 Anti-Doping Rule Violations and many amusing examples of the ruses some athletes employ when trying to avoid punishment for an alleged rule contravention.

At the end of his talk the many and searching questions asked by members was a clear indication of the interest which Nigel generated.   Rotarian Gillian Marsh proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of all present.

Nigel has pursued professional careers in science, business and sport.  He was awarded 'Coach of the Year' in Wales and came to Scotland as the performance lead for Scottish Athletics in 2005.  He lived in SE Asia for 2 years from 2010 working as Head Coach in the internationally renowned Singapore Sports School. Today, he works as a freelance educator across sport working with the Scottish Sports Futures charity, sport governing bodies and local authorities.   He is a lifelong athlete having won national titles for sprints in Wales and is the current M60 Scottish 50km champion! 

28 April 2020April Lottery Draw


Keep your distance!!!

President Ian selecting the April lottery numbers on a strategically placed laptop outside Frank Sloan's back door.

14 April 2020Kinnoull Tower Controversy

Rotarian Steve Norris, wearing his hat as Chair of the Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park Group, is pictured with his dog Lexi in front of the tower which is causing such concern.

Perched on a steep crag, the Kinnoull Hill Tower is a 19th century folly.  Not actually a real hillfort, the original builders went to great trouble to construct an 'instant ruin' that looked like a castle that had recently fallen down.

Recent work has angered the tower's local admirers because it now looks 'like it was built yesterday'.

See the full story here.

04 April 2020A Story Worth £1000

The winning ticket for the £1,000 prize in the March lottery calendar draw was sold/gifted by rotarian Brian Raine to Geoff, a friend of his from his Durham University days who now lives in the Bedford area.

Fast forward to the Calendar draw on Tuesday 31 March, executed by President Ian under the watchful eye, two metres away, of Frank Sloan. and the number selected by the system for the £1,000 prize was his friend Geoff’s.

In his reply to Brian’s email telling him of his win Geoff said, “Would you do me the kindness of accepting the prize for the charity's good causes - or even, if you know of a different, but very real, need in these extremely difficult times for so many people and organisations, could you please put it towards that? I hope that doesn't make for further difficulties for you, Brian, but I am selfish! I want the joy of having won; combined with the pleasure of knowing that the sum has gone to a very worthy cause”.

Rotarian Brian has very close connections with the Lilias Graham Trust which he is aware is in urgent need of funding so with Geoff’s approval, arrangements are being made for £1,000 to be transferred to them.

The Lilias Graham Trust (LGT) is a Scottish charity that offers independent parenting capacity assessments, within a residential facility and is located in rural Stirlingshire

The LGT provides residential placements to parents and families in cases where there are concerns about parents meeting the needs of their child/children and the local authority require more evidence-based information about whether the child can remain safe within the family.

The protection of vulnerable children is the focus. With experienced staff on call 24 hours a day, The LGT provides and assesses parenting skills and helps parents and families to explore and develop positive relationships.

The picture shows Brian Raine, Claire Thompson and Amy Hatrick during their visit to our club in October 2018.

24 March 2020New Rotary Sign at Bellway Homes site.



END POLIO NOW- George Delgaty has now further enhanced the Glasgow Road site at the Bellway Homes entrance. We will also consider what other ways we can continue the fight to eradicate Polio worldwide.


Click here for more "International" information from George.

13 March 2020Presidents' Dinner 2020


Our Presidents Dinner, held on Friday 13th March at the Royal George Hotel, raised in excess of £4,600.

Thanks are due to everyone involved in organising the event and to all those who contributed in any way during the evening.

Guests included the presidents of the two other Perth -based Rotary Clubs and the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Perth.

The evening's speakers were the Very Reverend Dr James Simpson, who proposed the toast to "The Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull" and Sheriff Lindsay Wood who replied on behalf of the guests.


Photo above (L - R): Robert Macduff-Duncan, President of Perth St Johns; President Ian E Brown; Mrs Dorothy MacCloy, President of Inner Wheel Club of Perth and Gordon Hay, President of the Perth Club.



Pictured on the left are Piper Ian Stevenson, President Ian, Gordon Hay, Very Reverend Dr James Simpson and Robert Macduff-Duncan.

Seated:  Mrs Catherine Brown, Mrs Dorothy MacCloy and Mrs Helen Simpson.

03 March 2020Perth City Hall

Debra Salem who is well known to us as a judge in our Young Singer Competition talked to us this evening about the "Perth City Hall - Past, Present and Future". 

She joined Culture PK as their Engagement Officer in October 2018 and is responsible for delivering the Perth City Hall Community Participation Plan connected with the redevelopment of the new museum for Perth.

Debra illustrated the history of the city hall from its beginnings in the 1840s until the culturally significant building, as we now know it, was opened in 1908.   She then took us through the hopes for the future of the hall by showing detailed plans of what is to come, including future planned useage of the present Museum and Art Gallery.   

Her background is in engagement, performance, theatre and music. She has worked with Horsecross Arts setting up and delivering various choir projects as well as Creative Producer for Community and School engagement for the re-opening of Perth Theatre.

26 February 2020Young Photographer of the Year 2020

Our club’s Young Photographer of the Year 2020 is Alvin Maina from Kenya who is a student at Glenalmond College.

Alvin submitted three high quality photographs which the four judges unanimously praised, not just for the quality of the pictures but also the thought which had gone into his interpretation of the titles he had given his photos.

He is pictured on the right with his trophy and a framed copy of his winning photograph,  accompanied by President Ian and Keir Downey who is Head of Art at Glenalmond College.




Alvin is pictured here with Steve Fairlie, our Youth Convenor.

As well as the handsome trophy and framed picture he received a voucher to the value of £25 kindly donated by e-Computers of Scott Street, Perth.


25 February 2020Brian Raine and His World Tours

Rotarian Brian Raine (on left), a founder member of this club, was our speaker this evening who entertained us with tales of his experiences organising and taking part in world tours involving rugby, hockey and pipe bands.

As a history teacher, housemaster and head of games at Strathallan School in Forgandenny Brian organised a successful tour in 1988 with the boys rugby and girls hockey teams to Singapore, Australia, Fiji and Los Angeles.  The tour included 47 boys and girls and just 5 staff!

1999 saw him embarking on a Rugby and Pipe Band tour of Australia with the pupils of Queen Victoria School, Dunblane.

In his younger days Brian was a rugby player of a very high standard.   He started playing when he was at grammar school in Durham, played in the Durham County schools team and was a final England Schoolboys triallist.   During his time at university he played a part in the County Durham squad.   Following his move to Scotland in 1970 he played with Edinburgh Wanderers and later Perthshire.

Frank Sloan, his host for the evening, paid tribute to his skill as a player and thanked him for his inspiring talk.

18 February 2020Financial help for young sports stars.

(L-R) Rear: Steve Fairlie, President Ian Brown and Ken Thompson. Front: Aaron King and Alexander English.


Aaron King, pictured along with his father Jim (on right), was until recently a pupil at Perth High School.

He is currently part of Scottish Cycling's Junior Performance Squad and represents Scotland in track and road cycling events.

Now aged 17 years he is ranked  2nd in Scotland in his age group and is looking forward to a busy season of improvement and victory in his travels around the United Kingdom and Europe.

President Ian presented Aaron with a cheque for £500 to assist with the huge travelling costs involved in his pursuit of success in the coming year.



Alexander English, accompanied by mum Judith, is a student at Strathallan School and is making great progress in the world of tennis. 

Still only 13 yrs he is ranked Scotland's number one in his age group and has already represented his country in 2018 at the 4 Nations Championships.

He plans to travel to many parts of the United Kindom in the coming year, competing in various national and European events, and to help with his many costs he was also presented with a cheque for £500 by President Ian.

We hope that Aaaron and Alexander stay fit and safe in the coming season and wish them every success.

11 February 2020St Johnstone Community Trust

Atholl Henderson who is Chief Executive of the St Johnstone Community Trust visited us to explain the work of the trust during his period in the role extending to over 20 years.

Atholl has built up a highly successful and award winning programme of football development and socially beneficial activities, and has been instrumental in the move to convert the Community Department to the Community Trust - an independant organisation with charitable status.

Brian Johnston who was his host for the evening proposed a vote of thanks.

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